I was on reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone this afternoon on my way home from work. I paid full attention to the story, I forgot to get off on the stop I was supposed to. When I realised that, I looked like a panic fugitive that few passengers were staring at me. That was embarassing.

Hmm.. this brings me to remember what happened last weekend. I took the train to get to work from Melbourne Central Station. Once I was in the train carriage, I opened my bag and took out "Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone", and flew myself into the imaginative Hogwarts School. I’d say it’s so much interesting a book. I was reading up to the part Harry got his invisible cloak as a christmas gift, and visualising how only his head would be visible once he put it on, covering his body. Then suddenly, a little voice, a very familiar voice in the background, whispering to me, "Now approaching North Brighton Station.". It took me about one second before i looked up through the window to my left, and saw the sign "North Brighton".

"North Brighton.. hmm…. Oh gosh! This is the station where i need to get off!". I jumped off my seat, and in no time made my way onto the closest door, hoping to hop off before the door started to beep, signalling it is closing itself. Sigh.. once i was on the platform, i composed myself. Harry Potter back into my bag, nothing left behind the train, back to reality.

JalankerjaLuckily I wasn’t as blurry as last time. I remembered there was one time last year, i felt aslept in the train on my way to work. When I opened my eyes, i was in Middle Brighton station. How shocked and panicked i was at that time. I needed to go to the opposite platform, got on to the next city-bound train back to North Brighton station.  One of the chef teased me for being late. When I told him what had happened, he even laughed at me sarcastically. It was really silly and embarassing.

PS. Friendster Blog is so gay. I was unable to update my own blog like everyone else since last weekend !@#%^*

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