Who is ocpuso?

Hello there,

My name is Octa Karsono. I am a 26-year-old IT professional. Currently working fulltime in Dandenong, VIC Australia. I keep this blog as a hobby. I write and update whenever I feel like it, and when I am free. Most of the times, I only write a couple of times a month, depending on inspiration and motivation. But in the future, I hope to write more interesting stuff more often.

Here’s a little background of me…

I was born and grew up in P.Siantar, a small city 120km southeast of Medan, North Sumatra’s capital city in Indonesia. I spent my childhood and teenage in that small town. I attended the Methodist P.Siantar Primary/High School, one of the best private school available in P.Siantar. Never in my life back then would I ever thought that I’ll be an IT professional in the future.

Finished my secondary study in 2000, I came to Melbourne for study. I enrolled myself in Computer Science major in RMIT University. Fast forward three years, I graduated with Distinction. Since then, I’ve worked for a few companies, mainly as the System Analyst/Engineer.
I have passion for internet and the world wide web. I enjoy creating and developing websites. I enjoy web design too. But my art design talent and creativity are not sky high. However, I keep thriving. As my Dad’s favorite saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”, so I need to keep practising and practising (eventhough, ironically there’s another saying that goes “Nothing is Perfect in this World”). Another thing I have passion for is photography. I’d consider myself as a newbie to professional photographer. Recently I got my first dSLR, a Nikon d40x. And I’ve setup my own Flickr account. Feel free to browse around and leave a comment or two. 😉

I like travelling (who doesn’t?) and some sport activities too. Another passion of mine is food. I like cooking. But I seldom cook these days. More often than not, I buy takeaways, dine-out with a bunch of friends, or go to my sister’s place for dinner. I only cook when I feel like it (and that is like few times a year… hahaha). And with the exception of cooking Indomie’s instant noodle, the taste is not always consistent, due to lack of practise.

I am known to have a melancholic-choleric personality. If you don’t know what that means, go google it. Apart from that, I consider myself to be a perfectionist to a certain degree. I hate breaking promise, thus I seldom make promises. I don’t handle sudden change of any kind quite well. I need a fair bit of time to adapt to a sudden change, especially those upsetting/disappointing ones. And one more thing, I express myself better in writing than orally. I dislike unorganised things and plans. Having said that, I like spontaneous plan and brilliant ideas. And I am not big on plans, either. I mean, I do make plannings and stuff, but not big and long term ones. But for anything I plan, I try to minimise the risks in the outcome. I am sympathetic, and at times, ignorant, too. I couldn’t be bothered to pretend to be interested in something while in fact I am not. My principle of life: “Do whatever makes you happy!”. Only if I’m happy then I’ll be able to bring positive aura to people around me.

Obviously you, or whoever knows me, would have an opinion and testimonial of yourself about me. Some said I am being too introvert. Some said I am a kinda-oversensitive guy. You’ll be the judge. It’s nice to know what people think about yourself. So, you’re more than welcome to drop a testimonial for me (eventhough this page doesn’t allow any comment input… hahahaha).

Last update: 17 Feb 2008

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