Visit Japan 2015 – Day 8

Visit Japan 2015 – Day 8

We went to bed at 2am this morning, but needed to wake up very early morning because our flight home was midday, and it was about 90 mins trip to airport from our hotel, plus we needed to get ready, had breakfast, and check out.

In Shinjuku station, We reserved seats for Narita Express departing from Tokyo  station at 9.00am. We then took Rapid Chuo line from Shinjuku for Tokyo. In Tokyo station, we were disoriented and lost, didn’t know where to get on NEX. Luckily after asking a delivery man, we managed to find signage that says Narita Express. NEX platform was located deep underground we had to take a few escalators down from where we were, reaching our train with less than a minute before it departed. Fiuh, we were close to missing the train.

When we reached Narita Airport, there was already a long queue leading to our check in counter, so Sanny and my sister went upstairs looking to buy lunch to bring aboard. Check in was a breeze, but with little time left, we needed to hurry to clear immigration to make it to gate on time.

Once the plane took off, I took some nap trying to catchup with my sleep last night, waking up to have Kinotoya cheese tart and late lunch.

It has been a short but memorable trip. Eight days gone in a blink of an eye and tomorrow I would need to get back to work.

Until my next trip, but for now, let me flaunt snacks we bought from Japan.

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