Visit Japan 2015 – Day 7

Visit Japan 2015 – Day 7

Last night was so tiring, so we decided we were going not to have an early morning. Luckily checkout time was 11am.

Today we were going to finalise shopping before heading to Tokyo. Mom and dad would be catching 10.55pm flight home from Haneda Airport.

We first went to Takashimaya depachiku. Sister and Sanny looked for cosmetics product on first floor, while I accompanied mom and dad up to fifth floor looking for luggage and anti-fog spray for goggles. Dad ended up buying   new swimming goggles, ear plugs, and anti-fog spray. The luggage prices were too hig for our budget, so we went across the road to O1O1 Marui. Up on the 7th floor they had some cabin-sized luggages on sale, so we bought on at ¥9500, just a shy from tax-free minimum of ¥10,800.

While looking for a place to have lunch, we came across a store selling custard puff. I bought one original and one hot-hot chocolate chip puff. Both were very yummy. Then we encountered a cart selling grilled scallops melted with cheese at ¥400 each, so we bought two to share.


Grilled ScallopsSushizanmai’s grilled scallops

Upon finishing it only I realised it was part of Sushizanmai, which if I wasn’t mistaken, was a famous sushi chain store in Japan. And the actual store was just inside the building behind where the cart was. So we settled for lunch there. One set meal and two dishes to share among five of us costed about ¥3600, which was quite reasonable. But I gotta admit there was somewhere else selling fresher sushi.

Sister and Sanny wanted to have takoyaki one last time, so they rushed to the store we usually frequented, while mom, dad, and me walked back to hotel. We rode the subway from Namba to Shin-Osaka, then caught Shinkansen Hikari 530 from Shin-Osaka for Shinagawa.

From Shinagawa, I accompanied mom and dad to Haneda Airport, while Sanny and my sister headed for hotel, with missions on the way: buying Harajuku crepes and Kinotoya cheese tart from Shinjuku Lumine EST.

When I got back to our hotel at almost midnight, I discovered they have bought Harajuku’s Tiramisu Soften Crepe for me. And there was a box of half-dozen cheese tart on the desk. Yay!

I was hungry at this point, so I asked them to have supper. The majority of the shops closed at 10pm, and some closed at 11pm. At this point, there were only a handful place that was still open, including Yoshinoya just around the corner from the hotel, which opened 24 hours. I have been wanting to try Yoshinoya at least once since I arrived, so we had supper there. It was cheap and yummy.

Since it was the last night of our trip, I wanted to indulge in more food, so we went around town looking for Family Mart that still stocked beef skewers oden. We were quite full from supper, so  we only had one skewer each.

When we got back to hotel, we realised our luggages were already overweight as we only had 70kgs check-in luggage allowance among us. We had the option of purchasing more luggage space, or repack and reduce our luggage to meet the limit. My sister and Sanny chose to repack, and somehow they managed to squeeze everything under 70kgs. To this date, I don’t know how they achieved that.

Do Not Miss

Kobeya’s chocolate-block pastry bread. It felt like a piece of paradise when the chocolate blocks melted in the mouth. There was one Kobeya outlet in Shin-Osaka station

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