Visit Japan 2015 – Day 6

Visit Japan 2015 – Day 6

Today we spent half of our day in Nara. Main attractions in Nara were Kofukuji Temple, Nara Deer Park, and Todaiji Temple. On arrival at JR Nara station, we saw one of the biggest apple ever, so we bought one and tried. Well it tasted like apple.

The back streets leading towards Tofukuji Temple were lined with so many shops and restaurants. But a lot of the restaurants actually opened only in the evening. Not far from Tofukuji Temple, towards Nara Deer Park, we started to see wild deers roaming around. These deers were quite tame and the funny thing about them was if someone lifted deer crackers above their head, the deers would bow as if saying thank you for the food. Such grateful creatures.

Deer in NaraOne of the wild (but actually tame) deers in Nara Deer Park

Baked Sweet PotatoSweet potato is sweet.

Before heading back to Osaka, we had a quick meal in a restaurant serving Chinese food near the station.

The rest of the afternoon/evening were spent shopping around Namba Nannan area. Before dinner, we managed to find Hakata Ippudo outlet near Takashimaya. We had been looking for this ramen chain outlet wanting to buy the tea leaves served for their dine-in customers. Luckily this one stocked it.

Instead of having ramen in Hakata Ippudo for dinner, we chose to walk to Dotonbori to have Ichiran instead. It was soo good last night we wanted more! Every night the queue was so long. But it moved pretty fast. Average wait time was about 15-20 mins.

Daiso was one of the must-visit store for us while in Japan. Mom and dad liked it for the price and quality of the products offered, and we liked it for the price (¥108 instead of $2.80) and the variety of products. Daiso in Dotonbori closed at 11pm, so after dinner, we still managed to shop there.

We only got to bed at 2am after busy packing, preparing to check out the next day.

Something fascinating

I spotted a fashion store offering discount up to 90%!!! That meant they marked up the full price of some items 10 folds of the cost price.

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