Visit Japan 2015 – Day 1

Visit Japan 2015 – Day 1

Touched down at Tokyo Narita International Airport at 7.30am this morning, and an hour later, we were out and ready to collect rental pocket wifi from the post office on the 3rd floor of the airport. Talking about efficient Japanese airport. Before heading downtown using NEX, we managed to exchange our JR passes.

NEX is one of the most convenient and cheapest way to go to Shinjuku from Narita, as at the moment there is a discounted ticket at ¥1,500.

Shinjuku JR Station is so big that you need to know where you need to exit even before getting off the train. Luckily there were plenty of signages within the station, and lots of staff around to assist us.

Our hotel was just a few minutes walk away, and after dropping off our luggages at the concierge, we headed out starting our culinary adventure.

Rikyu at Lumine EST served one of the best gyutan I’ve ever tasted in my in life. For ¥2,600+tax, we got a platter of grilled ox tongue, a big bowl of ox tail soup, and a big bowl of rice to share for two. The ox tongue curry rice set meal didn’t stand out, though.

Grilled Ox TongueRikyu’s Grilled Ox Tongue – the tenderest and juiciest ox tongue I’ve ever had

Google Translate app was so handy in helping us communicate with non-English speaking staff. However there was one time I mistaken a customer service staff who talked Japanese to us, and I took out my mobile phone trying to translate what she was saying. She immediately talked in English to us. How embarassing.

Somewhere near Lumine EST, we discovered Kinotoya Bake selling very-yummy Hokkaido cheese tarts. It was like egg tart plus Hokkaido cheese cake, but 10x nicer.

Kinotoya Bake

We spent the afternoon shopping in Forever 21 and by the time we came out from the store, it was already dinner time. We were looking for a cheap dinner place before encountering a shop selling really-oishii mochi, and Isetan depachiku basement selling all kind of interesting food. We settled for a small place on the side street serving cheap tempura soba, katsudon, and oyakodon. It was well worth the price.

Mochi Store in ShinjukuThis corner store sold one of the best mochi we ever had the entire trip.

After meal, I headed to Haneda Airport to pick up my mom and dad.

All in all, it has been a very relaxing and enjoyable day full of delicious food. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Something fascinating

3-in-1 (water, soap, and hand-dryer) sensor-operated wash basin in O1O1 Annex male toilet.

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