Sardines Saga Continues

Sardines Saga Continues

I got a few feedbacks from a few friends, saying how crazy our Euro betting game is. So I thought I’ll just share with you how the story has evolved so far.

Heny came up with a list of menu of what she called 7 Days of Sardines Delight:

  1. Royal Sardines
    Royal Sardines
  2. Balado King Fish Sardines
    Balado King Fish Sardines
  3. Garden Tomato Sardines
    Garden Tomato Sardines
  4. Red Curry Sardines
  5. Sardin Indulgence
  6. Sardines Salad
  7. Heavenly Sardines

What a crazy idea. Can anyone guess how Heavenly Sardines will look like? It’s beyond my imagination. But I’m curious to find out. So let’s wait and see on Day #7.

Hasan didn’t make a list of menu in advance. However, he’s naming his creation only after he finishes the meal. Yes, his creation. As the game progresses, he put more and more efforts in this game by browsing through recipes online, going to supermarket for groceries shopping and actually cooking the sardines himself. Wow, Hasan? Cooking? This is news even to me. And the names are very fascinating too:

  1. Sarden Tok
    Sarden Tok
  2. Sarden Hilang (Hiam Si Lang)
    Sarden Hilang (Hiam Si Lang)
  3. Sarden Obama (Goreng Bawang Bombay)
    Sarden Obama (Goreng Bawang Bombay)
  4. Indomie Garang (Goreng Rasa Sarden Kaleng)
    Indomie Garang (Goreng Rasa Sarden Kaleng)

Octi came up with ordinary names, but best-looking sardine dishes that make people drool and want to try. The names sounds ordinary, but the dishes look extraordinary (even for an overnight food):

  1. Sardine Vermicelli
    Sardines Vermicelli
  2. Leftover Sardine
    Leftover Sardines
  3. Sambel Goreng Sardin
    Sardine Bumbu Rujak?

I, on the other hand, took a break from the game for two days due to sore throat. My sardines experience haven’t been very interesting compared to the others, because I’m too lazy to even reheat it. I simply eat right out of the can:

  1. One Night in Bangkok
    One Night In Bangkok
  2. Sardin ABC (Amboi Balado Chilli)
    Sardin ABC (Amboi Balado Chilli)

So right now, Hasan has done 4 days, both Heny and Octi 3 days, and 2 days for me.

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