Mission: Sardines

Mission: Sardines

Euro Cup 2012 had just wrapped up. Spain won by a spectacular 4-0 against Italy.

In our Poshedik/Wondergals chat group, we played a little betting game in the lead up to the finals, predicting who would win. I chose Italy, simply because I had a dream on the night before the game, where Italy was leading by 1-0 by the end of first half. And also because I knew some other people were already supporting Spain. It would be more exciting if both teams have equal number of enthusiastic supporters.

The Supporters
Here was the full supporters for each team:

Octa, Octilivia, Heny, Hasan

Lina, Mery, Iin, Yenny, Jeanny

The Bet
If Italy won, supporters of Spain would have to eat pizza every day for a week. Likewise, if Spain won, supporters of Italy would have to eat sardines for a week. The losing team would have to prove that they carried out the penalty by posting photos of the purchase and actual consumption of the food.

During The Match
Instead of staying up and watching the game (which started at 2am here), I chose to go to bed and sleep, while I knew some Spain supporters were watching the match.

The Outcome
“Good thing comes to those who watched.” That’s probably a good saying in this case. Enough said, we lost.

The Consequences
Let the photos talk.

Shopping 4 Sardines
Proof of shopping for Sardines at local supermarket

Our can of sardines collections at home

Sardines For Dinner: Day 1
Sardines for dinner: Day 1

One day down, six more to go.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Sardines


    dear pathetic winners..
    i lost but i lost in a delicious way hahha..
    I love sucking my every word, every alphabet as i enjoy sucking the royal sardines served by the best chef..

    Every day for a week.. I’ll be filling myself with proteins and vitamins..
    What a healthy way to lose..

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