Next Destination: Toko Baterai Akimarts

Next Destination: Toko Baterai Akimarts

I’ve gone through a big change in life lately. I am now based in Jakarta, temporarily staying in Pluit, Jakarta Utara.

Deciding to come to Jakarta to start fresh was easy. It was the next logical step to achieve a better (meaning probably-richer) life. But adjusting life from a small hometown to a big metropolitan city like this is not. But even so, I would consider myself very lucky, having received a lot of assitance from helpful people along the way. Without those people, I am probably a lot worse now.

As for starting fresh, I am now helping my cousin in his accu/battery retail store in Akimarts, located in Jalan Raya Pluit Selatan No. 70, Pluit, Jakarta Utara. There are still a lot of things for me to be learnt, from basic customer service, product knowledge, technical and troubleshooting skill, marketing strategies, to managerial skill, namely bossing around the staff 🙂

Akimarts sells various types and brands of accu and batteries for cars/vans/trucks, motorbikes/scooters, motorboats/jetskis, power generators, UPSes, and household uses. For fellow Jakarta and Surabaya residents, we also provide free checkup, delivery, and installation service to our customers.

So if you live in Jakarta or Surabaya, and have any accu/battery-related needs, call Akimarts today on 021- 3733 6868 (or 031- 7038 6868 for Surabaya). Help me spread the words, share this article with your friends, or simply be a fan of Akimart’s Facebook Page. I appreciate it very much 😉

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