Coming Home

Coming Home

What used to be days, are now hours. In a few hours time, I am leaving Melbourne. I am leaving behind the city that has given me meaning to life. I gotta be honest to myself, right now I am not looking forward to going back for good at all. What used to be my life, will be a chapter of history in my life soon. I only wish if I can stay around longer.

I’d like to thank the faithful few ex-RMIT friends that have given me support in times of need, and a few more close friends, especially all Moliuers in Melbourne who have carved so much sweet memories in the past few years.

To Fanny Tjan, you have been the reason that Moliuers existed in the first place. It was an honour to know you. I’ve learnt so many things from you, from social skill, financial advise, to how to court girls. You have been an inspiration. Gotta say, ever since you moved to Pt. Cook, we all kinda grew apart a little. No more surprise visit, no more sudden plan, and much less dinner calls. But regardless the physical distance, we’re all still close friends. So let’s just maintain that. Please take care of yourself and the rest of us. Everything is almost perfect, so your next task will be to find that missing piece of puzzle, and I wish you well for that.

To Eddy Lin, you have been, and will always be the clown in the group. There’s something in you that makes everybody laugh (be it laugh with you, or laugh at you). You are one of the few people in the world that never panicked, and has never shown much worry or care in the world either. Yet your life seems to be filled with laughter all the time. I wish you all the best for your future, wherever that will be.

To Patrick Li, wake up! Okay, seriously, of all the people I know, you’re probably the one that I criticise the most, sometimes even without rational thinking. But whether you know it or not, you have been the closest friend when it comes to sharing personal problems between mates. Yes you are annoying at times, but that’s good. So that I can always have someone to pick on, especially as the subject of my lame jokes. But when I’m gone, don’t worry, I’m sure there will be someone in the group that will continue my legacy, telling lame jokes/trivia while picking on you. I wish you all the best for your future. Dream high, work hard, and put effort into it, and I’m sure success will follow.

To the Yulianda sisters, you’ll be missed. I wish Cath good luck in the ultimate mission in life: find the right one and settle down. I’m sure the pressure is on, but as long as you enjoy your life, then just go with the flow. It’s good to see that Eileen grow up more mature after finding where she belongs: Mr Oh from Pt. Cook. Somehow that bubbly (and act childish) personality kinda diminish lately, but in a way, that’s a good thing. I wish you both a happy future together, and looking forward to your invitation 😉

To Stephanie Tan, I wish you well too. All these time, you have been very helpful and contributed a lot to our social group. I may have missed your name occasionally, but you know it wasn’t my intention to do so. Blame my old age ;-). And soon it’s gonna be your turn for a seachange. I hope, compared to mine, it’ll be an easier case for you to relocate to HK to join your beloved Philippe in building a happy family.

To Ginny Tjan, good luck for your future ahead. It seemed like this year, a lot of good things have happened upon you. Life seems to be getting better by the day. Keep it that way, and live your life with no regrets. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to teach you more of my Photoshop skill. But whatever business opportunity you participate in, work hard for it, and when you’re about to be successful, let me know, who knows I’m interested in investing 😉

To Vincent Tjan, as a true mate to mate, we’ll keep it short. Hope that $200 Bluray systems is really worth the money. All the best, bro.

To Billie and Angel, the two unseparated friends-slash-housemates, except when it’s New Moon, or when Hell’s Gate is open. Without Asien around, you guys were kinda drifting away from the group. Keep the spirit up. Together with my sister, you all are the true surround-sound laughing machine. I wish you good luck, and I’m sure we’ll meet again in Medan.

To Anne Domigo, the rice princess. You’re only a princess because someone’s better at eating more rice. And psst, it’s also because you’re slightly younger. You only hang around with us since recently, but it has given the group a much-needed new lease of life. Suddenly there’s someone else (female somemore) that join the Three Musketeers for their weekend meals. Good luck with your hunting, whatever that you are after.

To Her Majesty Queen Emily Chua, thank you for being my friend. All these while, I’ve probably never treated you like a lady when I told lame and dirty jokes to the guys. But I’m sure you loved my dirty jokes. Of all the girls mentioned here, I’ve known you the longest. I admit I have always been mean to you, but deep down inside, I consider you as one of the few close friends who can handle my lame and mean jokes without taking into heart. I admire you for your capability, honesty, professionalism, leadership, plus those talents that I cannot mention one by one here. But just so you know, your taste of music is not one of them. =P

To Liwen, thank you for taking over my room. You’ve saved me a lot of trouble. Also, thanks for having cooked for us every now and then. I love your belachan, although in high dosage, that won’t be good for my blood pressure =P Good luck to you, too.

To my family in Melbourne, I’ll deeply miss you all. We’ll meet up again very soon in Singapore, but what I will be upset the most is what comes next. Too bad I won’t be here for Fiona’s third birthday this year. There goes the chance of seeing Aaron and Fiona growing up, having an uncle to play with them. I will miss Fiona’s funny stories, and Aaron’s cheekiness. I hope they’ll still remember their sweet childhood where I was part of, by the time they’re able to read this (if they ever did). To my youngest sister, I hope you can carry out what I was unable to: to build a home in Melbourne for Mom and Dad. I wish you all the best for your future endeavour. Don’t get too comfortable and stuck in thecomfort-zone for too long. Be more proactive towards life, dream big, aim high, and work for it. Make me proud.

To Sanny, the sunshine of my life, I love you. You have brought a lot of happy days into my life. I thank you for being so supportive, and teach me how to love again. You are a good cook, helpful girlfriend, part-time maid, true lover, and my best friend. My decision to leave Melbourne is already so hard to make. With you coming into the equation, it is almost impossible to hold on to it. Every time you nagged about it, telling me not to go, that was the time I could only offer you silence as answer. Just because I had no answer that would make you feel better. Deep down inside, I really wished if I could just agree with you. But at the same time, I’d also like to take the opportunity to spend more time with my family. A lot of people asked about what will happen to us after I leave. I could only smile, and quickly change the subject. It’s not easy to be a good boyfriend, it’s even harder to be one from distance. But whatever it takes, I’ll try my best. 7,000 kms is nothing in this AirAsia-age. And I’m sure we will meet again very soon, in another 100 days or so. I’m already looking forward to that day. And by the way, the four little words are: I will miss you. And that one promise is… well, one promise.

I can go on and name names, but that’ll bored you to death, so I better stop here.

Nobody knows how much tears I have shed, yet I am not feeling any better at all after writing all these. Looking back, it seems like I have had the perfect life. I am so used to my lifestyle in here, and it’s gonna be a big challenge for me to suddenly start fresh somewhere else I call hometown. And that challenge is what scares me. I’m afraid of losing. I only hope God is laying a better plan for me ahead.


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  1. Dina

    Brother, be strong… Your stories makes me feel sad for you 🙁 But God may have other better plans for you ahead, just believe in Him and rest assured perseverance in a hard time may bring good rewards. Take care and see you in Singapore Wedding soon 🙂

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