A Leap Upon A Bench

A Leap Upon A Bench

Had an absolute blast over the weekend. I discovered that:

  • A walk on a cold, sunny morning with the loved one is enough the make the world a much better place.
  • If you keep a Macca’s McCafe disposable mug, you can ask for free refills on your next visit.
  • Best thing about Korean restaurants is the fact that they always have “all-you-can-eat” side dishes.
  • Joomak at 6pm on a Saturday night is as empty as a classroom on a school holiday. It’s the best time for early dinner, or pre-dinner drink. They serve very nice flavored rice wine.

A cozy little Korean place called Joomak, on Swanston St.

  • Sharing is caring. We had pasta and pizza for dinner in Topolino’s, St. Kilda on a Saturday night. Because we were all sharing, no plate of pasta lasted any longer than 5 minutes. Everything was relocated into our tummies in a blink of an eye.
  • We may be old, but we still got charged student price in AMF Bowling Alley, Clayton.
  • You have to be careful who you consider as good friends. They might shoot your back without you knowing, especially during an M9 Laser Skirmish game.

Patrick was HAZARD, I was FUSION, and Emily was BEEZLEBUB.

  • Waking up at 9am on a Sunday morning is much harder than waking up at 8am on weekdays.
  • To have a good-yet-cheap yumcha in Melbourne, try walking into Shark Fin Inn on Chinatown, be seated, enjoy dimsums, pay the bill, and leave, all within 45 minutes time.
  • $30 for a ticket in the superbox of Rod Laver Arena to watch Cirque du Soleil‘s Saltimbanco were all worth it. Superb show, but don’t expect a VIP-seat for such a bargain.

The closing bows, Saltimbanco.

  • Auction Room serves one of the best hot chocolate in town. Be sure to come back here!
  • When Patrick (or me) says “I’m not that hungry, I only want light dinner”, don’t take our words for it. Most of the time, we’ll end up overeat anyway.

I can go on, but I choose not to waste your precious time much longer. Now I just need to reset my mood back to “sleepy Monday –_–“.

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