Turning Point

Turning Point

Today is the first day of autumn in Melbourne. It also marks the first of 120 days or so of my remaining time here.

Yes, I have decided to go back home, back to my family, back to where I grew up, back to my root. Long story short, there have been a lot of discussion and opinion from people around me regarding my own future. At this point of time, let’s just say my decision to leave Melbourne, the city I have come to love for the past 10 years, and go back to my hometown for one ultimate reason: to spend more time with my parents, while at the same time challenge myself to have a better life.

Since I started blogging, I have asked myself, when I will find the happiness that I’ve been longing for. What does it feel like? And where to look? All these times, I have adopted the “please yourself, then please other people around you, then happiness will show itself” principle. A few weeks ago, one of my friend, pointed out the truth:

Happiness is when people around you are happy because of the little sacrifices you make for them. Happiness is seeing other people smile with their heart, feeling proud of what you did. That is true happiness in life.

It’s actually the opposite of my principle. Maybe I’ve been looking on the wrong end. Whether she’s right or not, I’m gonna give this a shot.

As for now, I’m gonna make my time here meaningful and memorable. Life is too short to waste.

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