Cap Go Meh with Aaron

Cap Go Meh with Aaron

I just got back home from overseas yesterday, carrying quite a lot of stuff that belong to other people, one of which is my sister. So I just went over to my Sis place for dinner tonight. And it happens that today is Capgomeh, the last day of Chinese New Year celebration.

Before dinner, I passed red pockets from my cousins (Suli and Yen) and my Dad to Aaron and Fiona. And FYI, only my Dad’s red pocket were in Aussie Dollars. The other two were in Indonesian Rupiahs. Here’s a little conversation snippet with my nephew:

O: Hey Aaron. Gong xi fa cai!!

A: Gong xi fa cai!! Gong xi fa cai!! (big grin on the face)

O: Here’s angpao from Suli I-i.. (handing one from Suli cc). You know who Suli I-i is?

A: No… (receiving and opening it, seeing two colourful Indonesian notes with lots of zeroes in them)

O: And another one from Yen I-i.. (handing another one from Yen cc). You know who Yen I-i is?

A: Ah, from daddy… (receiving another one and opening it, seeing similar notes with a lot of zeroes in them)

O: No.. not daddy la. And here’s from Ah-ma… (handing the last one from my Dad)

A: (opening the last one, to discover there were Aussie dollars in it)

A: Ahh.. why only the one from Ah-ma is real money?

O: (-_-)”

Such an adorable kid.

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