Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit

Two pieces of story today:

  • I had been staying either on the camping mat on the floor, or on the couch in the living room for the past 10 days or so, and last night when I finally got back to sleep on my own bed, it felt sooooo good.
  • I finished the last of tooth floss last Tuesday. And I didn’t get the chance to get another one until today. So after brushing my teeth just now, I did flossing again. After five days without flossing my teeth, I gotta say I feel very, very fresh again. The unclean feeling, the stuck food and germs, and the bad breath have now gone away.


Sometimes in life, we need to break the habit, go outside our comfort zone, suffer a little bit, and when we’re back to the routine, we’ll appreciate small little things (which we would have otherwise taken for granted) a little more.

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