Feeling Fruity

Feeling Fruity

I just finished haircut and was thirsty like a dry sponge this afternoon. So I went to QV to look for a nice cold juice, and stumbled across Feeling Fruity, one of juice bars in and around Melbourne. So I went in to browse the choice of “cocktails” available. The attendant greeted me with standard line, and I told her to give me a minute to go through the menu.


I giggled in my head when I saw one of the drink on offer. It was actually a mix of mango, watermelon, lemon, and a few more fruits. But the name really intrigued me. French Kiss.

Me: Can I have French Kiss please?
At: Would you like it short and sweet, or long, deep, and intense?
Me: Short and sweet. And not too wet please.
At: Sure… come here, open your mouth, and close your eyes.

Then I realised I was actually day-dreaming in front of the counter. So I went and ordered the French Kiss to see how it taste like. It’s $5.65 for a jumbo Kiss. Damn expensive. And far from my expectation.

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