Surprise Weekend

Surprise Weekend

I had a good time last weekend. One of the most happening weekend so far. One good reason why: Yacek’s flown from Cocoland for a holiday and surprise visit!!

She arrived in the wet wintry weather last Friday night, and within the next 48 hours, we’ve caught up with the rest in many food-related places: either yumcha, cafes, movies, karaoke (with lots of snacks from Indo), restaurants, or supermarket. Okay, except movies. We didn’t get any popcorn, but we managed to smuggled Boost juice and Lucky cups inside.

Karaoke in particular was quite special. Nine hours of non-stop music. Everyone sang along with their own unique voices, not having a care in the world. Some with soothing singing, some with calming voice, some with off-key-yet-confident voice, some with falsetto, some with whispers, some with louder-than-anyone-else voice, some with their deep and manly voices. It felt like yesteryear again with Yacek back in town.

Was it Chrysanthemum tea?

Raise your glass…

Wine, Tea, Ice, Shirley Cassava Crackers, and Swiss rolls…

It had been a while since the last time I really enjoyed my hot chocolate. Until our last visit to Koko Black in Lygon St on a freezing and raining winter afternoon. We were seated outdoor some more, with the overhead heaters hanging above us. The warmth of my drink, the sweetness of the nibbles, the jokes and laughter we shared, the chilling weather. It was just a priceless experience.

It was drizzling on Lygon St.

The winter warmer

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