A Happy Society

A Happy Society

Just finished changing my blog’s look. It took me many hours just to get this simple design working. It is incorporating Twitter and basic Facebook functionality to allow logged-in visitors to tweet to their Twitter page, or publish to their Facebook Wall, or even just “Like” what they’re reading here. And I’m proud to say at least 95% of it is totally my own work.

There’s more could be done to improve users’ experience, but I run out idea right now. So I’ll stop here, and officially name this theme, HappySociety. If there’s any of you WordPress bloggers out there who want this theme, leave a message below, and I’ll get back to you.

The previous theme (which I designed myself too, with the help of xhen):

HappyTrip © ocpuso 2009

And here’s the new theme…

HappySociety © ocpuso 2010

If you have any feedback/comment, or any bug report, I’d love to hear 😉

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