One Thousand Years Later

One Thousand Years Later

Just came back from JJ Lin’s concert in MCEC. It was one of the few enjoyable concerts I’ve been to. We were seated right in the middle of the hall, about 20m from the stage, before 8pm. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but JJ Lin didn’t appear until 8.20. But that’s alright, everyone’s on happy mood, plenty of patience for waiting. Apparently Emily was running even later than JJ *wink* She just reached the gate outside when JJ was singing his first song of the night, 曹操 (Cao Cao).

Playing with glowsticks, patiently waiting for the concert to start…

I’d give the concert 8 out of 10. JJ Lin sang a mixture of old and new songs from his various albums. His voice was just as original as you would have heard from his album. He’s truly a talented singer. But his dancing was lame, and kinda sissy. Comparing it against his dancers, it’s either he didn’t master the dancing bit well, or he was just trying to make less movement while singing to avoid off-tune or heavy breathing into the mic. The stage lighting was good, but at some stage, was flashed so rapidly and blinding it could almost cause seizure. Audience participation was pretty good too, a lot of cheering and yelling. But it still couldn’t beat the cheering in JT’s concert, where it was so loud I could feel my eardrums were vibrating hard.

Opening the performance with Cao Cao

Even Jay Chow was there too πŸ˜‰

“Don’t Understand”

During ζ±Ÿε— (River South)…

He closed his performance with 一千年δ»₯後 (One Thousand Years Later). In the last minutes of his performance, he started greeting those on the front rows, which caused almost every audience from all corners of the hall rushed towards the stage to try to get a hold of him. The security staff couldn’t do much. I reckon this is kinda silly.

End of performance. Byebye JJ…

The VIPs…

Plus one more VIP…

Kiss me…

Whether you fly “Malaysia Airlines” or “AirAsia”, you still end up meeting in the “airport” πŸ˜‰

Apples to give away to audiences on the way out. Weird….

If next time he do another concert, I’d probably go and watch again πŸ˜‰

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