I for Indonesia

I for Indonesia

Today I was officially introduced to all my colleagues as a new-comer in my company. After more than two years being a contractor with no annual leave and sick leave benefit, I finally took up the permanent role offered by management and committed myself further in working for this company, which is so, so far away from where I stay right now. Maybe I should consider relocating home to closer neighborhood.

Something unusual happened on my way home. Everybody was doing around 115kph, 15% above the speed limit on M1. So I followed the trend. 😉

My sister just got back from Indonesia yesterday, after an enjoyable 4-week holiday. She got me something from her vacation to Bali. Something really out of expectation: a Billabong Ballibong surfing pants. Very Indonesian. LOL.


Indonesia is really a fun and unique country, if you can forgive the tropical weather. Where else in the world can you find a set of traffic light with all lights on at the same time? What does this mean anyway? Should the motorists stop? Or should they proceed? Or should they drive cautiously , then stop cautiously, then proceed cautiously again? I was confused as hell, but I wasn’t driving, so it was not my immediate problem. 😉

All lights are on at the same time!

Ever seen very big yet odd discount rate anywhere in Melbourne? I doubt it. But check out what was advertised on local paper. 50-51%. Can you believe it?

Discount 50-51%

Man, I’m proud to be Indonesian!

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