Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

I’m currently up in the sky above Malaysia, going to land soon. It has been a very interesting day, waking up at 9am, then rushed Emily to city so that she could exchange her wallet in DJ before flying. We were meant to leave for the airport at 10.30am, but at that time, I was just about to reach home from the city, and I hadn’t even finished packing, not to mention taking shower, doing morning ritual, and getting ready.

This is probably the first time I leave stuffs until last minute. Pressure’s really on. And I hate it. I don’t know why I was so lazy to do packing. Was I not looking forward to my holiday? I don’t know.

Jason and Vincent drove us to the airport. And I managed to claim GST back for the Manfrotto tripod I bought 2 weeks ago from Michael’s. Grabbed a quick (and extremely chewy) bite near the waiting area of our flight gate. And we made it to the plane with not much time to spare.

AirAsia is notorious for having no in-flight entertainment, and they charge for meals, unlike any other premium airline. That doesn’t really bother me, because I usually take midnight long-haul flight. This time around, it’s quite a struggle. I’m not that sleepy, but I’m starving. Tried to sleep, woke up every now and then. Watched Autumn’s Concerto ep.18 on Eddy’s laptop, but the power were running low already, I had to stop halfway. Tried some games on my iPhone, wasn’t that engaging and entertaining. Had RM25-Nasi Chicken Rendang for lunch, it didn’t taste as nice as I would have thought. Then for late afternoon snack time, I didn’t get anything, but the fellow passengers around me were having Mamee’s instant cup noodles. So I end up writing this blog.


I can’t wait to touch down and have nice yummy local food. And really start my holiday. I hope the mood would set in by then.

PS. this entry was uploaded later in LCCT.

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