Kalo Dikacangin Saat Chatting…

Kalo Dikacangin Saat Chatting…

I’m sure we all have ever been ignored by our chat buddies, at least once in our chatting history. It’s kinda frustrating if we’re eager to chat to the other party, but what we get in return is not reply, but “kacang” instead. Kacang, literally means peanut. But in here, it means being deserted by our chat buddy for no obvious reason.

But let’s not forget, what goes around comes around. We must have at some point in time, deserted our chat buddies for some random things too, without notifying them. I come up with a list of some reasons (or excuses, if you like) why we peanutize (ok, i made this word up) our chat buddies:

  • something urgent comes up, and we need to step away from our chat screen
  • our internet connection is playing up, resulting in lost messages
  • we got caught up doing something else (streaming youtube, cleaning desk, etc)
  • we’re too busy to chat with the other buddies
  • we’re just lazy to chat, or we’ve got nothing better to say/reply

Today, xhen came up with a few stupid tips and tricks on how to deal with the situation when our chat buddy peanutize us. I’m sorry I have to use Indonesian from here on (except the last sentence), so that nothing is lost in translation.

Ini wa kasi tips n trik mengatasi pendistribusian kacang skala besar-besaran (di gudang msn) :

  1. ganti display pic, usahakan yg norak / narsis, atau yg mengundang kontroversi seperti foto berdua
  2. mulai rapat dengan kalimat “ada gosip panas nih”
  3. gunakan emo.. seperti contoh :rabbit_smooch
  4. bila sudah terlanjur dpt kacang segera invite teman anda biar ada teman makan kacang
  5. memegang prinsip “berikan kacang sebelum anda dikancangin”


If you have a better suggestion, please do let me know. 😉

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