My Life Is A Bore

My Life Is A Bore

我知道傷心不能改變什麼。 那麼, 讓我誠實一點。。。
I know that sadness cannot change anything. Then, let me be honest a little…

My life after dark is a bore these days, especially on weeknights. Came home late. Cooked dinner. Sometimes hit the gym. Then lazying around in front of computer until late at night. Sometimes I was so free, I refreshed my Facebook home page on every eye blink.

Today, I saw a photo you uploaded, and my mind just went into overdrive. I could imagine how your day had been so wonderful, hanging out with some other dude. Then browsing even further, I can tell you must have had a good time last Saturday night, with the same dude.

I don’t understand why I can feel this down just because of a photo or two. I asked my friend. One of them said it was normal, and it showed that I still had feelings. Feelings for you.

You asked me what was wrong with me just now. I didn’t have the courage to tell you directly. To tell you that I was jealous. I only wish by writing this, my jealousy will go away.


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