The Eight-Week Guitar Challenge

The Eight-Week Guitar Challenge

I admire people who can play musical instrument. It always amazes me if someone can play an instrument well, be it piano, keyboard, violin, harmonica, guitar, or even drum. I was born with a lot of wonderful things, but unfortunately musical talent is not one of them. For some people, learning and playing an instrument come like a natural ability. For others, they have to struggle, practise, sacrifice a lot of time, and work really hard to be good in playing instrument.

Sometimes, seeing people being able to play an instrument does give me a lot of motivation and inspiration to learn the same thing as well. Unfortunately, that motivation only last a short while. Much shorter than the time needed to cook instant noodles. Anyway, lately I’m inspired again. Just watched Okuribito (2008) the other day, the main character is a talented Cello player. Whenever he was upset, he can channel his feeling onto the cello. If only I can play a piano or guitar whenever I am sad or upset, then it would be good. There will be no need to keep thinking and keeping things to myself.

I remember one (and the only one, I think) advice that my Dad ever gave me.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is absolutely true. Without practice, we’ll never be able to be good in something.

So, for today, I’m gonna set a goal for myself. I want to be able to play at least one full song with my acoustic guitar. Let’s just pick the most common song. Happy Birthday song! And set the deadline to be before my own birthday this year. And I will need a lot of practice, motivation, and courage! Let’s see if I’ll be able to achieve this 😉


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