Because of Me, Not

Because of Me, Not

I don’t understand what is happening. Or maybe I am trying to deny what is happening. Seeing you enjoying so much of his companion, it makes me jealous. Your gestures, your body language, your expression of excitement, it all tells me like an open book that you are interested in him.

Yes, I am jealous. But I don’t have the right to be. I don’t own you. I am not your boyfriend. I am your no one. Yet why am I feeling this way? Why is it so painful to see you with him? Why do I have to endure this this pain? Have you ever think how I felt? Yeah, who’d give a damn about how I felt. And I still had to put on a brave smile across the room. I still had to pretend that everything was normal, even though my mind was running wild and upset. I don’t want to feel jealous, and I don’t want to lose us either. Why is this so difficult?

letting go

如果你快乐 不是为我, 会不会放手 其实才是拥有?
If you’re happy not because of me, will letting go be the actual possessing?

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