A Smile And A Drink

A Smile And A Drink

Whenever I feel upset, writing blog is usually the best way to channel those bad vibe. No wonder a lot of my blog entries were kinda depressing. I envy those people who face this world with so much energy and positive thinking. There are a lot of encouraging advices out there on how to tackle every negative thoughts we have. It’s just a matter of applying it to ourselves. But usually it’s easier said than done.

Some suggest that I smile through the unhappiness. Some suggest that I drink. How can I fake a smile when I’m not happy at all? Before I met you, drinking was always a fun affair. I talked a lot of crazy craps when I was high. But lately, every time I drink, it only reminded me more of you and my fading dream.

smile and drink

I feel so miserable right now. There are so many things going on in my head right now. If only I can spill out some onto you. But every time I tried, nothing came out from my mouth. And the sorrow I feel inside, you will never know. How long more do I need to go through days like this?

Love has progressed that now it’s hard to turn back, but I’m unable to move on.

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