When September Ends

When September Ends

I’ve had a lot of birthday parties, farewell parties, vacations, roadtrips, and took a lot of photos for the past two weeks. Most of the photos are still sitting in my computer, waiting to be distributed among friends. Spent a lot of my spare times admiring those collection of photos, and as a result, my chores are building up. Haven’t ironed my laundry for more than two weeks now. So many things to do, yet so little time.


As of right now, I would like to dedicate a few minutes of my time to three of my friends; Yacek, Suwi, and (maybe) Iin, who are going back for good to their home country very soon. So if your name is not mentioned in here, you don’t have to read the rest of this entry. Have a nice day.

Dear Suwi,

Although we never had any real “buddy friendship”, you are one of the most easy-going and helpful friends I have. You never publicly announced that you’re going back for good (or at least I didn’t hear it from you first hand). But last month when somebody mentioned about it over dinner, it made me realise how short time we all have left right now until the end of September. Going roadtrips with you have always been fun. Too bad I couldn’t join your trip to Tasmania, nor around Australia last week. Well, at least we all got to have fun in Wet’n’Wild with you. All these time, to me, you’re one of that people that seems to have no worries and cool. But you showed a slightly different side of yourself in Aimei Concerto last Saturday. You hand-picked the songs, altered the lyrics, led the sing-alongs, and turned the mood in the room around completely.

I wish you the best of luck in the future, wherever that brings you to. I’m sure we’ll all meet again. Until then, take good care of that soccer ball. 😉


Dear Yacek,

Since last year, you’ve already hinted to all of us that you’re gonna go back for good one day. And now that day is fast approaching. From the time we knew each other until now, your bubbly personality has been one of the reason our group friendship still going on strong. I wonder what future holds after you go back. Safeway weekly sales figure might drop a little bit. Maybe we’ll start ordering beef in our meals. And Eddy might need to pick a new “favorite” daughter 😉

From what I can see, deep down inside, you still have that reluctance to leave Melbourne, a city that have painted so much memories for you. Your uni time, graduations, birthday parties, work, the weather, the lifestyle, and us – Moliuers, all have played roles in your life while you were away from family. But as saying goes, it’s the future that matters. If you see yourself will be in a better position somewhere else in the world, then go and make it happen. Go chase that dream that you have. There’s no need to feel sad about leaving us, because this is not the end. This is just another chance for us to further strengthen and appreciate our friendship.I’m sure we’ll get to see each other again very soon and frequently. And with AirAsia ticket costs only a few hundred dollars return these days, we can always work a little bit harder, and then take a few days off just to visit each other. Hahaha…


Dear Iin,

Not sure if I really need to write something for you. Up until now, I still don’t believe that you’ll ever going back for good. And until you tell me that you have got your one-way ticket with you, I will never believe you. But if that ever happen, then it kinda make sense for me to write something for you first now. Talking about prepaid service. Hahaha.

You are one of the first few and the only few friends from uni I have left since the first time I arrived in Australia. Over these eight years, together we’ve been to so many tutorials, lectures, done so many assignments, stayed up late in uni labs, shared junk foods, graduated, celebrated so many friends’ birthdays/farewells/catching-ups/visiting Melbourne, watched many movies, initiated business project, discussions, shared a lot of similar passions in design and photography, done so many roadtrips, and even overseas vacations. There has been a lot of ups and downs in our friendship along the way, but that’s what real friendship is all about. I think we’ve known each other very well, inside out. If there’s a national exam about you, I am confident to pass with flying colours 😉

So if you do really go back for good sometime in near future, I would say I have no regrets in our friendship. You taught me how to see things from a brighter side and how to think positively. You also showed me that there are indeed sanguine people in this world. People who only bring joy and laughter (well, and sometimes annoyance too) to the people around it. I truly hope and believe you’ll be able to achieve your goal in life. No matter wherever you are in this world, you’ll do just fine. Who knows next year you’ll decide to settle down in Melbourne again. Hahaha…


Lastly, I’d like to say how much I treasure our friendship. All of you (along with other Moliuers) have been like my family members in Melbourne. Without you all, I won’t have a wonderful life I currently have.

2 thoughts on “When September Ends

  1. Mashimaro

    *** terharu tahap 99 *** ;p

    “bubbly personality” -> this is only something emerged dramatically when I know u all moliuers hahaha in fact, I am so glad for all the times that you are trying hard to incorporate with my moliuness; hope it wasnt that annoying hahahha

    Seeing how each of u have changed and grown up (I sound like a mamak-mamak here ;p) has been really a great and awesome journey and u UNCA OCTA, as part of our moliu family has really brought a lot of priceless happiness ~ sincerely from the bottom of my heart I am wishing the very best for your future. Hope this includes the passion of yours in photography that turns into profit, and also finding the ‘right one’ ~ quick quick I wish another exciting reason to visit Melbourne again! yaayyyy ^^v hahahaha

    Let’s keep this moliu family forever as it has been really a beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life, which I believe is the same for some of the rest! =)

    You will all do okay! it’s 21st century now – technology rules! =)


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