It’s time for a break.

“You’re so lucky, keep travelling to places this year.”, one lady ever told me. Yeah, I guess this year is Holiday Year for me. I’ve gone back to Indonesia last February, then Malaysia trip in May. The expenses and costs are running high, but I guess this is the time of my life to do trips. Gotta enjoy it while I can.

I’m heading up north to Gold Coast, QLD in a few hours time. I need to go. To really take a break from all that happened recently. To see this life from a different point of view. To try to find back the lost cause. To enjoy the companion of the Moliuers while we’re all still around.  Hopefully when I come back, I am a better person.

我一路向北 離開有你的季節
I head towards the north, leaving behind the season with you.

heading north

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