Three Windy Days, Two Rainy Days

Three Windy Days, Two Rainy Days

Why should there be any unhappy mood in this world? I’ve told myself to be cheerful no matter what happened. Yet today, it hit me again. When I thought I could handle it well, I was wrong. I recalled there was one time, my conversation with Ms. Dry.

Me: I think I am falling in love.
MD: Really? With whom? I’m so happy for you.
Me: Yeah, lately I could not stop thinking about her.
MD: Hahaha. Just make sure you don’t fall too deep. Otherwise it’s hard to get up.
Me: No I won’t. I’m used to it already after so many years. And I think stand a chance this time.
MD: Good then.

That was back then. But I proved myself wrong. I have been an absolute mess these days. Just like that Hokkianese term: “three windy days, two rainy days”. There are many days every now and again I pretended I was okay, but that’s not what got me.

If silence is golden, then I am willing to trade in all the gold in the world just to break this silence between us.

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