My favorite month of the year is December. But last month has been one of the best month in the past few years. However, it’s only until now that I realised it. What has been said and done between us will forever remains a sweet chapter in my life. I couldn’t believe in such a short time, you have the power to propel me to the highest heaven and then let me free falling into the deepest dark. I gotta find something to cling on, so that I don’t fall any deeper.

As with any mortal thing in this world, what goes up must come down eventually. Right now, things seem to be back like before. Back in the time when there’s no Restaurant City or personality quiz. When there’s no one teasing me with silly names. Deep down inside, I’m realising that you must have moved on and avoiding me right now. I still hope this gut-feeling is totally wrong, and you’re just caught up with your business lately and haven’t got so much free time like me. But HOPE is a really BIG word right now. It is what have made me felt like in seventh heaven one second, and then burning hell the next.

I wish I can move on from this confused and lost state. But wishing is always much easier than carrying it out in reality. I can only cherish the happy moments we’ve been through together. The 5-minute-of-truth, the nightly motivational messages, the good-night drawings, the walk in the sands, the scream-out-louds, the unexpected come-acrosses, the late-night deliveries, the favorite songs, the sharings we’ve had, the sudden hellos at night. It has made me feel what LOVE is like again, eventhough very briefly.

If you’re sincere towards her, you should be able to love her unconditionally and without returns. That’s what I’ve been told. And it is very true. You ever said you’re egoistic when it comes to love matters. Eventhough I’m not sure if I understand that completely, I’ll try to live with it. I do not need to win your heart to love you.

Now, if only our friendship can go back to Doraemon-Nobita again…

Doraemon & Nobita

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