Rainy Day

Rainy Day

What a terrible day. Didn’t get much sleep last night. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night. Everytime I woke up, the thought of what just happened a few hours ago reminded me that that was a real thing. It’s not a dream.

If there’s one good thing that happened to me today, that would be arriving office on time. 9am sharp. On the day when I don’t wish to wake up at all. You kept drifting in and out of my mind, taking focus away from my work. I needed something to cheer myself up and focus. That would be music, close friends, and obviously you, too. At times like this, I only wish to spit everything out to someone that can guide me through this. It’s just so painful to hold the sadness inside.

It was raining on my way home. I purposely turned up the volume of my car speaker to mask away my sadness. The rain on my windscreen quickly blurred my vision. I turned on the windscreen wiper, but it didn’t help much. There was something else that blurred that vision. Then suddenly, I felt a warm, wet feeling on my cheek.

“下雨天了怎么办 我好想你。不敢打给你 我找不到原因。。。”


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