Day 4: Blessing or Curse?

Day 4: Blessing or Curse?

It was cloudy since morning, and raining in the afternoon. I’m now addicted to HK TVB drama series: Greed of Heart. It’s a 40 episodes long, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish watching it before going back Melbourne.

Nothing too exciting to do in here, except eat, eat, and eat again. Did I mention eat? I had  Fried Koetiaw with duck egg for breakfast, Pulut Panggang for morning tea, Siobak Pui (Roast Pork Rice) for lunch, Roti Tawar with Srikaya spread for afternoon tea, and mee goreng for dinner today.

I haven’t had Siantar’s famous Wonton Noodles (we call it Mie Pansit Siantar) yet. But in due time, I’ll have that one tick off, along with Miramar, Nasi Galung, Babi Panggang at Simpang Dua, Lontong Kecap, and Putu Bambu in front of my home.

People said that the Putu Bambu (whatever that is, but I guess it’s sticky rice cake of some sort) selling in front of my place at night tastes good. Maybe I’ll have that for my supper later. Hehehe… Or maybe I shouldn’t. Having been eating around the clock, without any exercises, I noticed my beer-belly has been growing fast these two days. Sigh.. Being able to eat a lot and not putting on weight, that’s a blessing. But being not putting on weight, and still grow that dreadful beer-belly, that’s a curse.

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