How To Make Your Own Electric Guitar

How To Make Your Own Electric Guitar

I made a fake electric guitar out of styrofoam last nite. It is part of my outfit and accessories for the costume party tomorrow. Here’s a little instruction on how to make your own electric guitar:


  • the guitar replica from Guitar Hero
  • thick slab of styrofoam of about 80cm x 30cm x 7cm (I got it for free from Patrick)
  • aluminium foil
  • cling/food wrap
  • sealing tape
  • a piece of nylon rope


  • pencil
  • long,thin sharp cutter (if you don’t have it, as in my case, use these two instead)
  • small cutter
  • small kitchen knife
  • scissors


  1. place the styrofoam on your working desk/floor
  2. place Guitar Hero’s guitar on top of the styrofoam
  3. lightly trace the outline of the guitar onto the styrofoam, modify the design as you see fit
  4. slow cut through the styrofoam by the outline that you trace earlier (because my small cutter is too short, I had to be patient and cut bit by bit using the combination of small cutter + kitchen knife)
  5. the thinner and longer the cutter is, the more precise the result will be, thus there will be less fallen foams and residue on the desk/floor
  6. clean the mess, smooth out rough edges and surface using the cutter (prongs suggested sandpaper, but I didn’t have it with me)
  7. quickly wrap the foam guitar using aluminium foil, it doesn’t have to be extra tight and precise
  8. wrap again using cling wrap, so that the edges are nicely covered
  9. tie knots around the end of the neck of the guitar and one more around the “waist” of the guitar
  10. ready to rock!

This is how it would look like:

Silver Electric Guitar
The Green Gorilla and the Silver Guitar

And here’s what Hasan said about my electric guitar:

+ bentuk ok walaupun hasil plagiat ehhe
+ keliatan kokoh tp pasti ringan
+ aman buat di hantam ke kepala org..
+ lumayan norak

– bungkus apa apa itu ? aluminium foil ? koq niau niau heeh
– ga ada detailnya.. senar ga ada, merek ga ada
– tali plastiknya bikin ga selera, ada bekas sambungan pula itu tali plastikya ehuehue

Feel free to try or write me a comment 😉

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