The Afternoon Call

The Afternoon Call

It’s well after 5pm in the office, and I was listening to my iPhone so loudly while browsing the net, searching for inspiration on what to wear to Fanny‘s upcoming 80’s-themed birthday bash, when suddenly the music stopped, and my phone rang instead. So I picked up. Here’s the beginning of the phone conversation (OK is me, OU for Orang Usil):

OK: Hello…
OU: (with very professional tone) Hello, can I speak to Mr. Octa?
OK: Yeah speaking…
OU: Hi, I’m calling from AAMI. I’d like to introduce you to our new product. Do you have car insurance?
OK: Yeah.
OU: What type?
OK: What type?? Umm, comprehensive.
OU: Are you with AAMI?
OK: Yeah, I guess so.
OU: Huh, you guess so?
OK: Yeah, coz it’s about time I renew my insurance, but I forgotten which company.
OU: (giggles) … it’s… (ha-ha-ha)… Melli… (ha-ha-ha)… here…

Damn it! I got pranked by Melliana Loekito. Can’t believe that she managed to pull this one on me. One day, I’ll have my revenge! Wait and see… Wahahaha!

Anyways, still around office issues, the kitchen-and-general-cleaning lady is on leave for about 8 weeks. So there’s a temporary cleaner replacing her. He’s quite good at his job, but there’s one bad thing I noticed about him: he smells. Either he doesn’t take shower, or he never washes his neon-colored uniform. That’s a bit ironic for a cleaning staff, don’t you reckon?

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