Playing Golf Around Capricorn

Playing Golf Around Capricorn

Me, Patrick, and Eddy went to Albert Park Golf Driving Range this afternoon. It was so much fun. Having played 18-hole mini golf in Whittlesea Funfield last weekend, it’s fair to say that I quite enjoyed swinging the club and putting the golf balls into the hole. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship with my newfound sports, golf. Hehe.

Patrick Driving Golf
Patrick posing for the camera right before swinging.

Eddy Driving Gold
Eddy “Tiger Wood” in action!

Eddy acting pro… LOL

Crossing live to Taiwan, Jay Chou has just released his 9th album, titled Capricorn. Apparently Capricorn is his zodiac. The official release date of this album is 9th October, but the pre-release version is now floating around the net. I’m currently listening to track #3 of the album, Nu Er Hong (literally means Little Girl’s Red, don’t know what that means). It is a good song. Very catchy on first listening.

Jay Chou’s Capricorn album review:

The album contains a lot of new tunes, which is typical of Jay Chou. I like his slow ballads, such as track 3 (女兒紅), track 7 (失落非主流), track 10 (達芬奇的畫布). The album-titled song, track 2 (Capricorn) is also very good.

The rest of the album, has either Indian-influenced tunes, cowboy-infused tunes, classical Chinese tunes, Hokkian song, or even Indonesian’s most famous music genre, Dangdut (track 11 – 秘密花園). Apart from this new tunes (which are still unfamiliar to my ears), I rate this album 8.5/10.

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