43,000 Kms Later

43,000 Kms Later

Today is my Yaris’ 43,000 kms service. I arrived at the dealer about a quarter to 9. Not until when the staff asked for my driving license did I realise that I’ve forgotten my wallet at home. D’oh!!

Without my driving licence, they won’t let me rent the courtesy car. The free courtesy bus only serves customers within the 5 km radius zone. And my office is way further than that. Using public transport would be impossible, as I only carry 90ยข with me today. Reluctantly, I called Lin, my colleague, who’d just about to reach the office, to pick me up from the dealer. So here I am, waiting in the dealer’s lounge room to be picked up.

Another thing that I just realised is that without my wallet, I won’t be able to pay for my car service. D’oh! Hope Lin wouldn’t mind paying it for me first.

It has been a very unusual Friday for me. This is very silly and embarassing of me.

PS. iPhone’s annoying that it doesn’t keep session alive. I was in the middle of typing my blog in Safari when Lin called me just now. When I came back to continue writing, all my unsaved writing was gone! Arghh… I had to retype everything again.

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