Nine Minutes of Fame

Nine Minutes of Fame

It was Yacek’s birthday party last nite. The dress code is pyjama. It was a fun & crazy night. We made a short video message and presented it on the night as part of the night entertainment. The idea and editing effort came from me. I’ve never ever edited a video before. And having to finish this “project” in such a short period of time was a real challenge to myself. It took away many hours of my sleep. But seeing everyone had a big laugh on the every second of the video presentation was just priceless. Those extra effort did not go in vain. This is a personal achievement in itself. Deep inside, I’m so glad that everyone enjoyed it.

Anyway, here’s the video that I produced. Thanks to the wonderful effort from the cast members, we’re now famous superstars of Cocoland.

[youtube= 400 300]

This photo is taken when they’re watching it.

Moliu Family Laughing
Look at the way Eileen (rightmost, in red pyjama) – laugh

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