It Had Better Be Tomorrow Night

It Had Better Be Tomorrow Night

Meglio stasera
Baby go go go
Or as we natives say
“Fa subito!”

If you’re ever gonna kiss me
It had better be tonight
While the mandolins are playing
And stars are bright

Tomorrow evening I’ll be going to Michael BublĂ©’s concert in Rod Laver Arena. Yahooo! I’m so excited. Of all his songs, I think I can sing only a few of them without looking at the lyrics, such as Home, Everything, Lost. Hmm, I need to keep playing his songs over and over today and tomorrow and who knows by doing so, maybe I’ll be able to remember the lyrics of many more of his wonderful songs.

ocpuso going to Michael Buble's concert

I read from Melbourne Park website, it is not allowed to bring in professional cameras into the concert hall. Hmm, I’m wondering if my Nikon d40x is considered professional camera. I hope not, at least not for this concert. Hahaha. Let’s just hope for the best.

In another completely irrelevant story, last night when I was brushing my teeth, all of a sudden, my toothbrush snapped into two. I don’t know whether this was due to because lately I applied a lot of force while brushing my teeth, or this is some kind of warning from the universe of what is gonna happen to me in near future. I recalled a few years back, my comb snapped into two when I was combing my hair. It is said that a comb snapped into two means bad luck is coming. Believe it or not, my girlfriend at that time wanted to break up with me. We did break up a few years after that, but not directly because of the snapped comb.

My Snapped Toothbrush

If any of you are superstitious enough and “know” the “meaning” behind a snapped toothbrush, please leave a comment down here. Hahaha…

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