Zab Thai Reopened

Zab Thai Reopened

Zab Thai used to located in one of the arcade in Glenferrie Rd shopping strip in Glenferrie. When the arcade was closed for renovation, Zab Thai was forced to close their business too. Even long after the arcade reopened, Zab Thai wasn’t there anymore, leaving a lot of its loyal customers out in the cold world without its famous Spicy Crispy Pork and Chinese Broccoli Rice. Only recently that they reopened, but now it is located further away from the city, on the corner of Elgar Rd and Riversdale Rd in Box Hill South.

Zab Thai Boxhill
Zab Thai on Riversdale Rd, Boxhill South.

The layout of the takeaway shop is still the same, with odd-angled counter and just a few tables. Maybe it’s bound to Fengshui or something. The staff are still far outnumbered by the customer, regardless of the time of the day. It’s a two-staff business; the owner and his wife. The kitchen is so much bigger now. The plastic cups are now replaced by short glass cups. The decor is somewhat more refreshing, with dull pink wall painting, and a huge “Z” sign next to its counter. The service is still same old, it took nearly an hour from the time we ordered until serving. There were 2 tables before us too, so we had been anticipating the long waiting time. The special menu, which is “Spicy Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli on Rice” ($8.00), still comes with 3 different choice of spicy level: mild, hot, extra hot. Then for $1.20, we can add fried egg on top of the rice. I ordered mine hot, with fried egg. It was very nice that the long wait was worth the while. But somehow it didn’t taste as hot as I had expected. Maybe next time I should order extra hot instead.

Spicy Crispy Pork and Chinese Broccoli with Fried Egg and Rice
Spicy Crispy Pork and Chinese Broccoli with Fried Egg and Rice

For those of you who wanna try something hot this winter, don’t miss this Zab Thai. They are open six days a week, closed on Monday.

Zab Thai
Take-Away / Eat-In
1132 Riversdale Rd
Boxhill South 3128
Phone: 03 9888 0082

Just make sure you don’t go there when you’re extremely hungry. Otherwise, you might collapse while waiting. Haha…

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  1. Lina

    Wow amazing…Zab Thai opens at last… Now one of my wishes would be going back to Melbourne and try this food one more time haha… Extremely yummy blog 🙂

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