I Heart Poshedik

I Heart Poshedik

Yesterday, 10th May 2008 is POSHEDIK’s first anniversary. All members greeted and congratulated each other by sending personal poems via sms. Here’s some of the poems:

Potong cabe tumbuk kunyit
Rahasia ayam semur
Poshedik tua se jit
Presiden panjang umur!

Beli katun beli kain
Jangan segan walau kurus
Hepi bday Poshedikus
Kado ketua cepat sediain
nb. Sms pantun anggota lain
Kalo enggan single terus

Hujan gede lari terbirit…
Koq Poshedik tiba2 se jit…

Ketua kelas sok sirik
Kapan ultah poshedik

Maybe most of you don’t know what I’m talking about right now. So here’s a little FAQ regarding POSHEDIK.


POSHEDIK stands for “Perkumpulan Orang Single Hobi Email Di Kantor”, literally means association of singles who like to email at work. In reality, it is just a mailing list containing a group of friends who happen to be single, and work in the office with email access. We like to chat via email during office hour. Don’t get me wrong, we do not dedicate our time to POSHEDIK during working. But rather, POSHEDIK emails serve as daily light entertainment for its members. It greatly reduces work stress, and help to keep work boredom at bay. POSHEDIK has been around longer than it is officially. In fact, the mailing list has started since December 2006. But only on 10th May 2007 was the word POSHEDIK being officially used. The POSHEDIK Googlegroup itself was created much later (around January 2008) after a few issues with the old mailing system.

Where is POSHEDIK located?

POSHEDIK is a cyber association, so it doesn’t have physical headquarters/office. However, our members are currently based in 3 different locations in the world; Medan (Indonesia), Singapore, and Melbourne (Australia).

How does it work?

Every member of POSHEDIK is entitled to send and receive emails to/from other members anytime, especially during office hour. We call this email exchanging during office hour as our Daily Meeting. The length of Daily Meeting differs throughout the year, but usually it is around 4 to 5 hours; from the start of our Indonesian office hour until the finishing time of our Australian office.

What is discussed in Daily Meeting?

In POSHEDIK, we talk pretty much about anything. Food, travel, health, song/music, TV series/movies, celebrity gossip, poetry, riddles, humour (both funny and dry), photography, weather, fortunetelling and superstition, politics, social, entertainment, world and global trend, local news and happening around town, member update, latest and hottest member gossip, or even POSHEDIK history. Sometimes there’s even tips and information regarding anything random. At other times, we exchange and forward photos/emails from external sources.

How many emails per day?

The number of emails POSHEDIK members send and receive varies greatly. Sometimes when there’s server problem, or public holiday in one of our “offices”, it only reaches 10 emails or less in total. At other times, it could reach more than 80 emails in total per day. But a typical Daily Meeting would have around 40-60 emails per day. Sometimes when the Daily Meeting goes into overdrive, or when there’s Extended Meeting, it could be in excess of 100 emails.


Currently POSHEDIK has 6 full-time members, each with his/her own special skill and attitude. Everyone of us is different. But somehow, from that difference, we could make up interesting topic nearly everyday. Everyone has different and interesting opinion regarding anything. At POSHEDIK, we likened our association to a typical classroom with tutor, class monitor, and pupils. Here’s the list of all our full-time members:

Presiden POSHEDIK Octa Karsono
Position: President of POSHEDIK
Nickname: President Lee
Characteristic: Most active member, often starts the Daily Meeting before everyone else. Proposes a lot of topic during Daily Meeting.
SS Gym Hasan
Position: Ketua Kelas (POSHEDIK Monitor) / Philosopher
Nickname: SS Gym
Characteristic: President’s sidekick. Always writes short but funny emails. Provides good responses and ideas during discussion. Supplies a lot of wise quotes and proverbs during Daily Meeting.
Iinem Iin Heng
Position: Spiritual Leader
Nickname: Iinem, II Gym
Characteristic: most active only on Wednesday, when her weekly deadline is still 6 days away. Notorious for deleting her unread POSHEDIK emails, especially when she’s falling behind the meeting due to work. That’s why she always missed a lot of POSHEDIK announcement and discussion. Currently on long vacation back to Indonesia.
Suhu Tan Lina Tan
Position: Fortuneteller
Nickname: Suhu Tan
Characteristic: has no pattern on activeness. Sometimes participate actively on Daily Meeting, but most of the times, only passively skim read POSHEDIK discussions. Quite blur, makes a lot of inaccurate assumption and foretell, but expert in topic about Food and Restaurants. Sometimes can give very good advice and proverbs to other members.
Mama Wong Yenny Wong
Position: Paranormal / Assistant
Nickname: Mama Wong
Characteristic: third in rank for activeness, but never participate in POSHEDIK Morning Aerobics. Gives good response during topic discussion. A talented person, suitable for PA position.
Anak Kecil Tjan Fanny Tjan
Position: Member
Nickname: Anak Kecil
Characteristic: laziest member. Participate mostly in Extended Meeting only. Like to skip or take long break during Daily Meeting to go out and play. But very good in discussing serious topic.

Can I join POSHEDIK?

Sure can. We, POSHEDIK, is a thriving non-profit association. If you are single, stressed at work, like to participate in random topic, good at giving response, humorous, and like to meet people with different characteristic, we welcome you! Just drop me an email at ocpuso@mysclass.com, and we will consider your application 😉

7 thoughts on “I Heart Poshedik

  1. Cydo

    hohoho… santa claus akhirnya datang untuk megabulkan poshedik’s wish yaitu keanggotaan.

    Gw br join setelah browsing2 blog octa nich.. semoga member bertambah lagi

  2. Lina

    Aneh nih..kalo ramalan gw gk akurat, kok dijadiin fortuneteller…pertanda Pres ama ketua kelasnya kurang becus kasi jabatan ke anggotanya hehe…
    btw yaa…bukan gw aja yg skim thru nih…gk adil nihh hehe…

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