Camping in Autumn!

Camping in Autumn!

Brr. It’s quite cold these days. But that makes camping more fun. Me and a bunch of friends went to Porepunkah (about 3 hours drive from Melbourne) for overnight camping last weekend. Okay let the photos retell the story. Note that it might take a while to load all the photos.

Day 1
We left on mid morning Saturday. By 1pm, we’re still half way through, and everyone’s hungry. So we stopped in Mokoan Resting Area. Luckily for us, there’s a bench that we can use. With our full cooking gear, we started reheating the fried rice I cooked earlier at home before leaving. Yes, I cooked it!

reheating ocpuso's fried rice

By the time we reached our campsite, it’s already late afternoon. So we quickly setup our dome tent, and stroke a quick pose before heading to Bright for Autumn Festival.

in front of our tent

Unfortunately, by the time we reached Bright, the festival had wrapped up. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed taking more moliu photos.

Penguin changing footwear
Fanny got caught in the act, trying to steal people’s shoes.

Stephanie under the tree
Stephanie relaxing on the fallen autumn leaves.

Fallen Leaves FX
Capturing the “manual” fallen leaves moment…

timer went off too early
Didn’t realise the camera’s timer has gone off. Hahaha…

Four hooded homeless people
Four hooded homeless people waiting for Salvation Army’s truck distributing free food.

When it got too dark to take nice photos, we headed back to our campsite, and started cooking dinner, which is Korean-styled home-marinated beef, pork belly, and Japanese miso soup.

Moliu Korean Team
The Korean team!

Moliu Japanese chef
And the Japanese miso soup chef…

After dinner, had a quick hot shower. One thing worth mentioning is, the toilet block was located only about 200m from our campsite. Since it’s quite cold at night, we crammed 6 people into SIF 456, our “shuttle bus”, and rode from our tent to the toilet block. Huehuehe…

Before our good night sleep, we managed to enjoy the starry night sky.

frozen stick
Everyone slept like frozen stick…

Day 2
Woke up at 7am sharp, the sun had already risen. So we quickly packed our sleeping bag before riding the “shuttle bus” to the toilet block to refresh ourselves.

packing up
Fanny searching for morning snacks in the bag?

After morning shower, the ladies prepared brekkie from our “emergency kitchen”.

moliu brekkie team
What’s cooking?

posing with the chefs
Shoes next to stove = healthy breakfast!

Flippin Toast
Master Lin showed his flippin’ toast skill…

By the time we finished breakfast and packing up, it’s nearly midday. So we head to Mt Buffalo for some scenery tour. Stopped by Lake Cantani for a quick photo session.

bullying a duck
Eddy made new friend…

steph behind the bush
Stephanie doing Indian style…

ocpuso near Lake Cantani
Me acting cool under sunlight…

Gecko out of nowhere…

Moliu Jump
Practising for our own Toyota ads… (Fanny, you’re meant to be jumping!)

eileen by the lake
Relaxing by Lake Cantani

From Lake Cantani, we drove up to The Horn, the most southwestern point of Mt Buffalo. The scenery is breathtaking (maybe due to lack of oxygen… hahaha). The summit was about 20 minutes hike from the carpark.

eddy lin vs ocpuso
Testing our supernatural force…

three monkeys
“Hear no evil, see no evil, smell no evil”

steph yoga
Iron Wife doing Yoga high on the mountain.

divorced couple
“C’ya in Melbourne, Steph. I go first.”, said Eddy.

saluting the flag
Saluting Moliu flag (which in fact, was my Long John… hahahaha)

On the way down, we still managed to get more shots.

moliu hiking team
The hiker (plus Eddy Lin, not in picture)

Then we had our lunch in Eurobin Waterfalls. Because it’s late afternoon, and everyone’s hungry and tired, we only managed half way through the walking track towards the waterfall. But never mind, the experience is just unforgettable: having instant noodle near the edge of rocky cliff in the middle of nowhere.

eddy and instant noodle
“Enjoying until the last drop (eventhough my glasses are steamy hot!)”

After our quick lunch, we drove back straight to Melbourne for dinner at Cath’s. Yummy steamboat. This is such a perfect camping trip!

nice steamboat
Nice steamboat completed the journey.

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