Six-Hundred-Dollar Day

Six-Hundred-Dollar Day

Today, up until this moment, I’ve spent more than $600. My Yaris 30,000 km service costs me $304.95, which is still reasonable. Then after a quick lunch in Meetbowl, I drove down to Camberwell to have my first visit to dentist in nearly 8 years. Hahaha. Without a lot of mucking around, dr. Yoshi started working on one of my my top right molar (or 1-6, that’s how they refer to it). I knew there’s a lot of problem with that tooth. But I don’t know he’s gonna start fixing it straight away.

I had to have my mouth open for very very long time (I’m sure at least half an hour). I wasn’t prepared for this at all. At one point, I nearly choked by my own saliva. Hahaha. He put local anesthetics before doing the temporary filling and then putting a metal band around it. Then only after he’s done (which took maybe more than half an hour) were I allowed to rinse my mouth. Fiuhh.. Then the general cleaning again. Damn the screeching noise from the drill was very irritating to ears. It’s like scratching a metal wok with your long fingers. And then only after he’s done I got another chance to rinse my mouth. I can see my own blood when I spit it out. And my teeth felt instantly clean.

Funny thing is there’s a wallpaper stuck into the ceiling of the room. It’s a drawing of underwater creatures, dolphins, whale, octopus, reefs, etc. As far as I can remember, there’s no dentists in Indonesia that stick any drawing/pictures onto the ceiling. This is an interesting idea. However, it would be better if they display a slideshow of images/photos instead of only one drawing.

When it came to paying my bill, I was a bit surprised to find out it costed me $322.20 all up on my first visit. The most costly item specified in the receipt was Adhesive restoration – 5 surf – pos (07 Waiting Period) for $169.50. What exactly does that mean? My health insurance doesn’t cover that at all. Damn it. Should I have waited a little bit longer? I don’t know. But will find out later when I have time. And that’s not all. He gave me a treatment plan. Obviously this 1-6 tooth need to have at least two Root Canal Treatments done. And then there will be a Full Crown – Veneered – Indirect treatment done at cost of $1225.50. I don’t know if my HBA will cover this or not. Geez, I need to put around $3000 aside if I’m going to do the complete treatment plan.

Anyway, I haven’t have shower since this morning yet (I woke up at 7.20am, too late to take shower to make it for 8am appointment in Toyota Brighton). And this anesthetics has worn off, and I’m feeling more and more pain by the hour. Hope it won’t get anymore painful.

Have a great weekend!

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