Chasing Sunset

Chasing Sunset

Ever since daylight savings ended last Sunday, my driving home trip become more challenging than ever because of the blinding afternoon sunlight. Even my car sun shield can’t even block the sun because it’s so low near the horizon already by the time I finish work. And my sunnies isn’t dark enough to let me see my surrounding comfortably.

Anyway, it was quite sunny last monday, I actually saw the bright orange sun so big and close to horizon when I drove past Albert Park lake. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.

The next day, I purposely brought my dSLR to work, with the intention to take some sunset-themed photos in the afternoon. But my car was critically low on fuel, so I had to refill it on my way home. By the time I reached Albert Park, the sun had gone into hiding. D’oh! Nevertheless, didn’t wanna come back home empty-handed, I took some photos around the lake. Here’s one of them:

Old Man by the Lake
An old man sitting on the bench by the lake watching the swans

Having missed the sunset twice, I brought my dSLR back to work today, hoping I could chase the sunset. Five minutes past five, I rushed home. But it was so cloudy I didn’t need my sunnies. And I couldn’t even spot the sun in the afternoon. Sigh. So I thought I might wanna try going to Port Melbourne beach trying to capture something, anything. Drove around the neighborhood once and I couldn’t find a free parking spot. So I gave up and went home.

Tomorrow is set to be a partly cloudy day with increasing sunshine in the afternoon. Fingers crossed. Hope I can catch up with the sun in the afternoon!

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  1. Moliu

    nice.. nice….
    this is wat we called art! looks like the pic we did back in high school with 3 sky colour..
    did u take heaps of pics in Port Melb last sat?

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