Cheeky Kid

Cheeky Kid

Last Monday was Aaron Huang’s 5th birthday. Held a small party at home, with birthday gifts, boxed coconut rice, red-dyed hard-boiled eggs, and stir fried noodles. Oh, and David Jones’ made-to-order cake. Surprisingly, there weren’t any balloons this year. No more left over balloons from last year. The table cloth and the banner was recycled from last year, though.

The Food

The boxed coconut rice tasted quite nice and original. They bought takeaway from Coco Rice in the CBD. Then my sister stir fried the noodles. And somehow it didn’t taste that nice. I joked and said next year, just cook Indomie Mie Goreng. It’s so much easier and so much more delicious. I don’t know what kind of dyeing agent my sister used on the eggs, but once it’s put under running water, the colour’s gone. Crappy dyeing agent. I had the cake the next day, and I gotta say it’s too bloody sweet it can even kill an ant.

Aaron and Family

The Birthday Boy

Aaron is cheeky and grumpy most of the time. He doesn’t really like to talk to me and Shelly, except when he’s in a good mood. But on that day, he’s super happy. Coz he knew it was his birthday, and he got to blow the candles and open the presents.

Blowing Birthday Candles

The Birthday Presents

Only three this year (one from me, one from Shelly, and another one from the parents), and they’re all LEGO toys. Gosh, he loves LEGO so much. He was so excited when my Shelly brought the LEGO home, he claimed it his instantly. I brought mine on Sunday afternoon, and he also claimed it his instantly. I think he can smell LEGO. So, right after the birthday song, the birthday wish (which goes, “more LEGOs”), and the candle blowing, he hastily finished the dinner, and opened the presents. However he only got to play and setup only one LEGO. The rest, gotta wait until the next day.

Aaron and LEGO

The Next Day

When I got to my sister’s place in the afternoon, he came and welcome me (first time in my life), and asked me to close my eyes, and followed him. Obviously he’s still in happy mood that day (coz he got to setup more LEGOs). Then he made me stop, and open my eyes. He’s actually showing off the LEGO Castle that I bought him.

The Day After “The Next Day”

When I got to my sister’s place, again, he asked me to close my eyes and stand still. I was thinking, “Hmm.. what is Aaron gonna show me today?”, when suddenly I felt something thrown onto my face. I opened my eyes and saw dirty socks. Eww… And he grinned victoriously. Shelly didn’t realised what just happened. So I asked Aaron to do the trick on her again. It worked, and he laughed devilishly. Ahh, cheeky kids are everywhere these days…

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