The Drive Home

The Drive Home

It has been raining a lot for the past two days. And it looks like there’s more rain to come over the next few days. Time really flies like an arrow. Looking back, we’re soon entering the fourth month in 2008, and I’ve been with my new company for nearly 8 weeks now. And officially it’s autumn already here in Melbourne.

For the past eight weeks, I’ve been doing the same thing daily: listen to Matt and Jo Show on 101.9 FM on the 40-km-way to work, and listen to Hamish and Andy Show on the way back home in the afternoon. But this afternoon, while I was stopping at red light, something in the sky caught my attention. It was the first time I saw a big flock of seagulls actually flew over the blue sky. That scenery was absolutely stunning. It somehow reminded me of my childhood back in P. Siantar, my hometown. Some twenty years ago, I still could spot flocks of sparrows and swallows flew over the skyline. Since then, along with the city growth and development, nearly all the birds are gone from the city. It’s always nice to recall the moments in our childhood.

I’d drive past Moorrabbin Airport twice everyday. And most of the time I drove past the airport, especially in the afternoon, I could see light planes took off and landed on the airport. How nice it would be if I could fly a light airplane. From now on, I’m gonna make “flying a light plane” one of my 100 To-Do Things in Life. It must be challenging, and the view from the pilot seat would be very rewarding once the plane is airborne.

On a completely unrelated topic, lately I’ve been keeping myself busy with a lot of things. I’ve finished developing my high-school alumni website,, although I’m sure there’re still a lot of bits and pieces left unfinished. For the past two weeks, I’ve started on working and preparing the official launch of the website of my side-project with Iin Heng: ProjectCube. Hope I have enough motivation and inspiration to finish it as soon as possible. And when I was bored at work, I’d amuse myself and go hang around in eplusx, a design-oriented discussion board (although I gotta say there’s not much discussion on design going on in there). Two weeks ago I started an art challenge in there. And I reckon the idea was pretty well-received by the members. You guys should go and check it out. Or better yet, register yourself, and participate in the next art challenge (which I haven’t started yet).

Anyway, today’s posting is probably a not interesting one. I just feel like writing something, but I don’t have a really good topic, so I thought I’d just write whatever I’m thinking of right now. It’s now 1am, and I’m still sitting in front of my computer procrastinating. Oh I hope I’ll be alright tomorrow. This sore throat is starting to killing me. What I need is more sleep, more rest, more drinks (water, mind you!), and more holidays. Ah, weekend is just around the corner now…

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