The Green Gorilla

The Green Gorilla

Went to Moomba with a bunch of friends last nite. We missed the 9.30pm fireworks. This is the first time since at least 3 years back that I missed the fireworks in Moomba. I reckon it’s one of the most enjoyable fireworks throughtout the year because there’s less people watching, so the chance of getting a good spot right on the Yarra riverbank underneath the fireworks is quite high. This is one important factor to enjoy fireworks:

Pick a spot right under the fireworks so you can get a feel of how big and beautiful the fireworks is above you.

But eventhough we missed the fireworks, it’s still all good. We had a lot of fun and laugh through the night anyway. Eddy “The Flat Fisherman” tried his luck on the duck pond. He got a small green frog soft toy.

Eddy duck-fishing

Then we both tried our luck on the basketball shoot-out. It costs $5 for 2 chances. Each shot put in is considered one win. And see what I’ve got: a huge green gorilla on my 2nd attempt. Yahooo! This is the first time I’ve won something so huge from a night festival.

Green Gorilla

After that, we went on to try on some of the rides. Any of you going to Moomba Festival soon (hurry… the festival ends on Monday night!), don’t forget to ride on the Power Surge. It’s one of the most enjoyable ride I’ve done.

PowerSurge at Moomba Festival 2008

On the way home, we manage to take some group photos. Here’s the winning team (minus the MVP ;-)) and the trophy…

Green Gorilla Team

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