Melbourne Motor Show 2008

Melbourne Motor Show 2008

First weekend of March is always a long weekend in Victoria. Haven’t got anything planned for this Labour Day long weekend yet. But seems like we’re going to go and have fun in tonight’s Moomba Festival. And maybe we’ll go for a short trip to one of Victoria’s waterfall tomorrow. Oh hopefully it’s gonna be another good vacation this time.

I went to Melbourne Motor Show 2008 with Fanny Tjan this morning. There were a lot of nice cars on show; BMWs, Mazda 2s, Lexus IS250 (which is one of my dream car, FYI ;-)), Audis, Nissan GTR Godzilla (which will be on sale this time around next year), 2009 Ford Falcon, some Ferraris, some Lamborghinis, and many more. One brand is missing though: Mercedes Benz. Where have all the Mercs gone?

If you’d like to view more photos, feel free to come and view my photo album in Facebook.

I also uploaded some of my favorite photos onto my Flickr page.

If any of you are planning to buy a car in near future, but still not sure which brand/model to go with, now is the time. Go and explore, get upclose and personal with various model. If you need assistance, I’m sure some of the Sales Rep and Promotion staff on the floor will be more than willing to help. Note that I said “some”, because I encountered a grumpy old lady staff just when I was about to exit. I asked her colleague whether there’s gonna be any Mercedes Benz on show next year, she butted in and said “We don’t know. We can’t tell the future. Had we know the future, we’ll be paid more for fortunetelling.” God damn it… I didn’t even ask her, for a start. Secondly, cutting into people’s conversation is rude. Thirdly, if she think her pay is inadequate, just quit. Last but not least, I didn’t pay $18 to listen to her bitching! &*@#$^

Anyway, general admission fee to the show is $18. Hurry… two more days. Will close at 6pm on Monday. For more info, go to

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