Shitty Day

Shitty Day

It’s been a shitty day. Having just slept for 6 hours, I forced myself to woke up from bed. I still managed to get ready on time, and reached office 5 minutes late (blame the traffic!) I parked my car right next to the big tree on the car park. Considering it’s a predicted 34-degree max temperature day, it’s only sensible to park somewhere under the shade.

Eight hours later, I found out my car was not in a condition as it was when I parked it in the morning. It was bombarded by bird shit everywhere, especially on the bonnet and on the windscreen. Arghh.. I just had my car washed last Thursday.

I couldn’t be bothered to clean it straightaway, so I drove off. Only when I reached my sister’s place, I tried to clean the shit off my car. Damn it was so toxic now there’re stains everywhere the shit was on. I don’t know what kind of toxic poison the birds eat that the poo can corrode car paint so easily. If one day I become the head of RSPCA, I’ll make every bird attend a toilet-education school. So they know where NOT to drop the bomb, and which are forbidden place! It’s time to make some change to the world by protecting the environment (and my car).

I told my sister and my brother-in-law about what happened. They said maybe I should try my luck on the lotto. Hehehe.. maybe I should. Maybe my chance of winning tomorrow’s Wednesday Tattslotto jackpot is high. Let’s see if I buy and win any lotteries tomorrow. 😉

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