Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Happy Chinese New Year !

It’s Year of the Earth Rat. According to some chinese astrology from the internet, this year is a good year for all financially-related matters. And it’s a good year for all Roosters, Rabbits, and Doggies in regards to love life. Those who are single will meet their true love. Those who are in relationship will get married. Those who are married will still be married to the same person. Hahaha..

Anyways, I started my Chinese New Year with a brand new camera. Thanks to Cath and Eileen (and Eddy, too) for having helped me get my first dSLR, a Nikon d40x. I’ve caused you too much trouble (but this is not the end yet… more to come… hahahaha).

Today’s officially the first day I could testdrive the camera. Went to Southgate in the afternoon, taking some random landscape photos. Then went to Amy’s place for a steamboat. The food are good (kudos to Amy, Joey, and Iin). Then saw their wedding photo albums (shot in Penang). It was right then I knew I’ve fallen in love with photography. From that moment on, I told myself photography would be a field I’ll pursue seriously during my leisure time.

Then I went to Docklands in the evening to take more photos. And here’s the result…

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PS. I welcome all comments (good or bad). Afterall, that’s one way to improve my skill…

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