Happy Birthday to Myself

Happy Birthday to Myself

Today’s officially my 26th BIG day! Another year has gone in a blink of eyes. It felt like I just blew my 25th birthday cake last month. Initially I wasn’t too excited about my own birthday this year. But it turned out I actually enjoyed celebrating my own birthday so much. Got owned by “a bunch of very-mature friends” last Saturday in St Kilda beach. I didn’t expect anything to happen at all on Saturday. You guys managed to pull it off so smoothly.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS8QE3NiCAc 300 247]

I thought that was it. No more surprise or celebration after that. But I was wrong. I just attended a surprise birthday dinner with an even bigger group of friends. I am very much blessed having you all as friends.

I couldn’t say enough thank you to all of you who’ve wished me getting one year older. It’s getting weird. Maybe I should get angry instead so that people won’t tell me that I’m getting one year older. Hehehe…

Moliuers on Octopus BIG Day

Anyways, to those who greeted happy birthday to me through Friendster comments long before the day, thank you. To those who think my birthday is on the 8th, thank you! To those who texted and called me 4 days before my birthday, thank you. To those who went through all the hassles in preparing my “Octopus cake”, thank you.

Octopus Cake

To those who set me up to go St Kilda for a stroll, thank you. To Eddy who was having “affairs”, thank you. To those who splashed water balloons, shot seawater-gun on me, sand-massaged me, thank you. To Iin who smacked me in the face with my Octopus cake, thank you. I learnt that the taste of seawater doesn’t go well with caketart. Hahaha.

Cake and Octopus
The fateful cake before being slapped into my face.

To those who treated me nice dinners, thank you (I’d wish everyday is my birthday.. hahaha).

in Red Emperor

To those who waited until the midnight of 12th before sending their wishes through MSN and sms, thank you. To a person whom I missed the call at 02.20 in the morning, thank you (although I don’t know who you are). To those early morning calls, thank you. To the IDD caller from overseas, thank you. To people who called me up during work, thank you. To my sista who called up from Goldcoast to tell me how nice GC is, you should have wished me happy birthday instead! Thank you too. To those who planned and attended the dinner just now, thank you! To my colleagues who sent their wishes and asked me to go out and be outrageous tonite, thank you!


To POSHEDIK-ers and MOLIU-ers who sent their wishes using workmail, thank you. Thanks for the lovely poems too! Below are some silly rhymes people wrote at work:

Sepi sepi gadai semboi
Hepi bday oi…

Kereta kuda tanpa pelana
Ucapan uda, kadonya mana?

Ada lintah ada macan
Ada ultah ada makan

Orang utah orang yang getir
Orang ultah dia yang traktir

To those people who have wanted to celebrated my birthday with me, but didn’t have the chance to, there’s always next year. To those who forgot to greet me happy birthday, thank you in advance. Last but not least, to those who wished me happy birthday multiple times this year, thanks yous! Hehehe…

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfVGDsJ2RJw 300 247]

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Myself

  1. Fang

    What a LOVELY Blog you have written! Proud of you… seems you just got another talent similar to me… that is the art of WRITING… LOLX…

    Keep your Spirit Up… ^____*
    Always Believe that Tomorrow will always be BETTER……..

  2. Moliu

    Hohoho… u’re welcome…

    ur thank note is more like a long well-prepared speech for an Oscar award winner.. hehehe

    btw… I still prefer to celebrate ur bday on the 8th eventhough we will have to go thru the long disagreement of the rite day to pull up the big celebration..
    anyway… rules are to be broken and if u know me enuf, I dun play by the rules or tradition… hihi
    that’s y u wasnt suspicious at all… YES! hehe… thank u for dat..

    and fyi, I dun organise the same bday surprise for the 2nd time… having said that, there might be no bday treat for u next year.. wakakakaka

    last but not least.. that bday cake looks really nice on the pics.. and Im so proud of it.. wakakaka
    (PS: Daddy… lucky I didnt trust ur taste… huahaha; gut teamwork, 2nd mommy!)

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