So Sick

So Sick

Lately life seemed to take its downturn. And today could well be the most unhappy Sunday that I can remember. Nothing major in particular that makes me feel unhappy. But I guess today is more like an accumulation of all those little upsetting things that had happened lately. Staying up until really late does help in worsening the mood. Of course there’s little things, activities, few friends, Jay’s songs, and entertainment that still keep me up. But apart from that, I’m so sick of my current life. How I wish I could have better and more challenging work. How I wish I could get rid of people’s bitchiness (including my own) that’s been entangling my life. How I wish I could leave this single and pathetic life. Yes, you get it right! I’m so sick of being single. And yeah, you guys get it right: I’m desperate! I’m so sick of being a loser. I am so sick of this love-chasing game. I’m so sick of uncertainty. I’m so sick of having to face rejection. But that’s the way it is. I remember my friend used to tell me to be more realistic, outgoing, and straightforward in things; don’t beat around the bush.

But the most sickening of all is being talked behind the back. To those who think I don’t fit in as a friend, please stay out of my life. I am so sick of you anyway.

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  1. Verari

    When people talk back behind you aka “BACKSTABBER” … that is NOT worth to be your frenz, you can forget it… STAY AWAY or else wear a MASK in facing these kind of rubbish LOLX……… another word, treating the person normal but invisible……..


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